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    HolderName1=FRANK/JEFFREY R
    Track1=B4190004341231284^FRANK/JEFFREY R/^1302101184710000000000426000000
    pin : 2451

    UK~United Kingdom
    IT, PL, ES, PT, LH and some rare…
    EUROPE 101
    MasterCard Standart/Visa Classic - 60usd
    Visa/MasterCard Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – 90usd
    EUROPE, UK 201
    MasterCard Standart/Visa Classic - 40usd
    Visa/MasterCard Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – 60usd
    ASIA, JAPAN and Others
    MasterCard Standart/Visa Classic - 50usd
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    +150-200 weekly

    LR (, PM (wu)

    Delivery will be immediate, if you choose digital delivery of dump (1* sample at the bottom of the page)
    Delivery of the physical cards in the envelope depends on how far you are . For example, delivery to Europe takes 2 days, delivery to USA and Canada takes 3-4 days (2* sample at the bottom of the page)

    I have no minimum order
    I check the balance on the dump, so you never get a balance of less than 1000 euros

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    MasterCard Standard, Visa Classic - Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business

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