How to Ace Your English Test at an Accepted University

  • IELTS and TOEFL are crucial language tests you need to crack to pursue higher studies abroad. Both scores assess a candidate's English language proficiency and can determine one’s fate. Hence, to ensure you don’t ruin your chances, you must fine-tune your language to ace the test. Here's what you should do:

    Get a trainer

    Most students lack confidence in their language skills and require help to improve their speaking and writing abilities. If you need extra support, you can trust platforms like AbroAdvice for professional coaching. Visit My is a reputed consultant who can give detailed information about everything, from finding the best Duolingo English test accepted university to preparing you for standardised tests.

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    Read and write a lot

    Even if you hire a trainer, you cannot do well in English tests without reading and practising. You don't have to read complicated texts with ornamental words and phrases. Pick something simple, fictional, non-fictional, magazine, or newspaper. The more you read, the higher the chances of picking up on nuances of meaning, new words, phrases and sentence styles you haven't read before.

    Next, you should practice what you read. Note the words, phrases, and sentences that interest you. Then, try to incorporate them into your writing. Sure, it will seem intimidating at first. But with practice, you will gain confidence in your English writing skills.

    Explore English content

    Written and reading proficiency are not enough to prove your efficiency in the language. Universities also want to know whether your speaking and listening skills are good. Thus, it is important to develop these skills. Listen to the radio, follow the news, and watch English shows on different OTT platforms like Netflix and Hulu to get familiar with the local English dialects and put them to use.

    That's it for now. Make sure you start practising early on to refine your language skills. Good luck!

    Summary: To ace the test and get accepted to an elite college, you must be confident in your written and conversational English skills. Read the blog to learn more.

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